Braniac – Math and English Centers
244 Texas Rd
Old Bridge, NJ 08857
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OFFER: Free Parent Orientation and Free Registration

Hours: Wednesdays 4 – 7 pm
Thursdays 4 – 7 pm
Saturdays 11 am – 2 pm
Phone: 732-333-8004

The truth is that everyone may struggle in one subject or another, and we understand that. That’s why our method caters to every student’s individual success. We want our students to be able to gain the confidence to work independently, even in subjects they may find challenging. Through work created just for them, students will be able to focus on the topics and subtopics that they need the most help in. Thus, we help all students uncover the brilliance within.

The Program

Brainiac Math and English Center is a unique after-school enrichment program. Each student’s work is made specifically for him or her by our specially designed software. Our program offers specialized Math and English curricula.

How It Works

At Brainiac, we believe in confidence building and academic independence.  To that end, each student receives their own Individually Crafted Material (ICM) that has questions tailored just for him or her.   Please contact us for a parent orientation and assessment test.