How can I get a card?
Cards are only available through local non profit organizations. For a list of organizations currently selling the card, please see the list of Member Organizations page:

Will my card be accepted at places not listed on the back of the card?.
Yes. Be sure to look for the Route 9 Community logo on the windows of your favorite local merchants.

What happens if I lose my card?
These cards should be treated like cash. If they are lost, they cannot be replaced.

Can I borrow someone’s card?
No. These cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE and should not be shared outside of your immediate family

Can I use my card and a coupon?
Generally, most merchants will not accept multiple discount offers. As stated – CARD MUST BE PRESENTED BEFORE ORDERING AND MAY NOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS, SALES OR OFFERS

Can the card be used towards the purchase alcohol.
No. Based on NJ law, merchants are not allowed to discount alcohol.

Could my non-profit organization sell these cards?
Yes – Call 732.642.2316 for more information

I am a merchant – How can I get on the card/program or advertise my business?
Contact us at 732.642.2316 for more information

Is there an app?
Not yet, but one is coming soon!

Can I get a key tag?
Not yet, but we have plans to have them soon

Are there restrictions to the discounts?
Most merchants on the program are offering non-restricted discounts, but you should refer to the route9community website for a listing of merchants, discounts, terms and conditions.

Can I print the list of participating merchants?
Yes. An updated list of participating merchants can be downloaded here: