CrossFit Dark Athletics
3352 U.S. Highway 9
Freehold, NJ 07728
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OFFER: $99 for 1st month (NEW Members)

Monday – Friday 6AM to 8PM
Saturday 10AM to 2PM
Closed Sundays

(732) 462 – 2600

Our goal is to motivate and instill confidence in all of our athletes. Our mission is YOU! Your development as an athlete, your safety and making you feel stronger and better about yourself. No matter what your goals may be it is our mission to get you there and beyond. We are not just a gym, we are a family and together we are STRONG!


Our group training allows for the best results. Most people learn better in a group setting of like minded individuals. We are all here to get stronger and look better, working alongside other people will help motivate you to get to the gym and improve your skills. Sometimes working alone can be a drag, but allow us to take over your fitness routine and you will not regret it.

What you get at CFDA is:

  • Personal Attention to ensure your safety. We are always watching.
  • The opportunity to arrive early and stay late. Open Gym access to work on your weaknesses.
  • Help from us. Ask us any question. We love to help.
  • Nutrition guidance. Weight loss is a big issue for most people, let us set you up with a plan.
  • A great atmosphere to learn and grow. We take pride in our facility and our members.


Eligible for all ages/skill levels

CrossFit methodology has been proven time and time again to be a safe and effective strength & conditioning program and get you in Great Shape! The only reason you may think negatively about it is from those who carelessly apply these methods with only the idea that they have to “beat the clock”. You can only move as fast as YOUR good technique will allow. Our coaches are always watching to make sure you develop safe and precise technique to build the best body you desire!


Eligible for all ages/skill levels

Marble Weightlifting. CFDA is home to the ONLY dedicated barbell club in Freehold, NJ. This is a club for those who wish to just train strength lifts and improve their overall strength development. Running around and jumping all over the place may not be for everybody. (We totally understand that) Our coaches will provide a safe and effective program to follow and get you STRONG! For those who wish to compete, the coach will provide a schedule of upcoming meets. We hope to build a team in the future.


Eligible for all ages/skill levels

For those who are new to lifting and strength exercises, welcome. We ask these members to build their strength floor in our barbell club 3x a week for the first month. There will be a designated time slot for these new members as to not interfere with the Marble Weightlifting athletes. Here we will develop your movements and provide you with instruction on all lifts as well as provide a short conditioning workout. After your first month of Foundations you will be able to graduate to regular CrossFit classes or remain in the barbell club. The choice is yours. Please be on time as a lot of instruction will take place.