Milltown Ice Cream Depot
32 S. Main Street
Milltown, NJ 08850
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Mon-Sun:11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Phone: 732-545-1177

Our Story
The original owner’s had long lines & the Best ice cream. I remember as a child coming every Friday night with my Grandparents while waiting on line, my Pop would talk to his friends he hadn’t seen in years or we would see family with their family and it became a reunion. At that time there were other stores up on the hill that have know been knocked down one had a doll shop, book store & even a pet store and insurance company. It was very quaint. My Pop would show us where the coal was keep and the scale was used to weigh the coal is still there under the awning. Most don’t even realize that the scale is still there being it has been cover over with asphalt. So when Joan took over the Depot 25+ year’s ago she felt she was carrying on tradition of Millttown. All of her children, grandchildren and even extended family have worked at the Depot. We’ve had the same ice cream that the original folks had the only thing has changed is the original ice cream maker/supplier business and his recipes were sold to a larger company in PA and their employees (I believe 3 in total) all got employed by them till 2 of them retired, and the Son of the Original Ice Cream Maker is Our salesman. So we stick with loyalty and tradition. We love our customers & have seen many generations come in and families grow. Most of our employees have been with us from the beginning. The Milltown Ice Cream Depot is a family and we consider Milltown Our Home (Joan’s Dad was born in Milltown & Joan was raised in her early childhood years in Milltown) and our customers we consider Family. We hope our customers that are new to Milltown follow our tradition by Embracing the long line’s, catching up with your neighbors, making new friends & then play games at the tables and enjoy Our Ice cream. We are worth the wait. Have you seen Our prices and Portion Sizes?